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Cleveland’s boutique law firm built for complex business issues, receivership, bankruptcy law and litigation. Local. Regional. National.

Left to right: Robert Stefancin, Mary Whitmer, James Ehrman

Left to right: Robert Stefancin, Mary Whitmer, James Ehrman

Mary Whitmer. James Ehrman. Robert Stefancin.

We work together every day, exclusively on matters of business insolvency and reorganization, receivership, debt restructuring, disputed assets, and bankruptcy.

Mary Whitmer  |  James Ehrman  |  Robert Stefancin

Receivership Know-How.

Whitmer & Ehrman honor judicial needs for efficiency, even-handedness and action when courts must resolve difficult financial issues. Learn more.

Disputed Asset Solutions.

When disputed or distressed assets threaten to derail attorney case strategies, Whitmer & Ehrman put wide-ranging business, accounting and legal experience to work. Learn more.

Regulatory Agencies:
Forensic Expertise.

Whether government agencies drive litigation on illegal practices or have a stake in distressed business proceedings, Whitmer & Ehrman understand regulatory realities. Learn more.