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Our business law team adds receivership capabilities to your strategy.

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When disputed or distressed assets derail attorney case strategies, Whitmer & Ehrman put wide-ranging business, accounting and legal experience to work. Specializing in exactly these situations, we are recognized court-appointed receivers, trustees or counsel to such fiduciaries for matters where litigating attorneys and courts need to

  • identify and secure business, estate or marital assets
  • wind down a business
  • continue business operations when partners or parties cannot agree
  • oversee efficient disposition of assets and debts
  • avert or adjudicate fraudulent asset transfers
  • understand the financial and operational status of a business involving adverse parties
  • act when financial or other business information is withheld from one party by another
  • determine when assets or income are underreported to evade child or spousal support
  • discover and recover hidden assets, including real property or tangible goods and equipment
  • prevent personal combat from jeopardizing a viable business or an asset sale
  • make sure temporary and final court orders are efficiently enforced
  • discern when business or personal bankruptcy is a stratagem, not a necessity
  • clarify complex financial statements and business instruments

When decisive action is crucial to preserve assets, uncover wrongdoing or resolve debt issues, receivership enables attorneys and courts take a more direct path to resolution. 

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Moving for a court-appointed receiver

When does it make sense to seek appointment of a receiver? When high conflict requires an objective representative of the court to use legal intelligence and proven business skills to create opportunities for resolution. The sooner the better. A receiver can move quickly to gather information, interpret financial documents, and shape practical strategies for the fair disposition of everything from a single disputed asset to an entire business.

Whitmer & Ehrman attorneys have brought receivership principles to proceedings in courts of limited jurisdiction, most recently representing the court-appointed executor in a contentious probate matter and serving as receiver in a divorce case that involved state and federal regulations governing business asset disposition.

An effective Motion to Appoint Receiver is comprehensive as to issues and specific as to the receiver's authority and responsibilities. File the Motion with a proposed Order that is equally comprehensive.