Committed Representation.

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Insolvency law is our home territory. We mean business.

We work together every day, exclusively on matters of business insolvency and reorganization, receivership, debt restructuring, disputed assets, and bankruptcy. In federal and state courts, we represent appointed fiduciaries or serve as court-appointed fiduciaries ourselves, and have represented every type of party, from debtors in possession to creditor committees. We are a resource for distressed enterprises seeking creative out-of-court resolutions and for courts seeking receivership, fraud, fee examination, mediation and dispute resolution expertise.

Whitmer & Ehrman About

What we do:
Confront business problems, excel at solutions

When you choose Whitmer & Ehrman, you rely on industrious lawyers committed to combining our strengths to get to the best result as efficiently as possible. Together, we have more than a century of experience in specialized legal territory that still excites us every day. We welcome each knotty business situation that demands unstoppable energy and insight to untangle.

When you choose Whitmer & Ehrman, you rely on practical lawyers with feet on the ground when it comes to the courts, the law, and concrete business realities, both financial and operational. That business savvy spans many industries and their numerous related regulatory agencies. The resulting 360° perspective leads to thorough understanding, creative thinking, realistic strategies, and assertive action. That is why we are Ohio Super Lawyers® and Martindale-Hubbell® AV® Preeminent™-rated.

When you choose Whitmer & Ehrman, you rely on the reasoned judgment about realistic courses of action that comes from the dynamism of diverse insolvency law experience. Longstanding relationships of trust form a network of resources we apply to proficient receiverships, workouts, reorganizations, asset preservation and sale, financing—in short, every conceivable avenue for straightening out troubled or disputed financial matters.

Whitmer & Ehrman About Details

Where we stand:
With our clients, on our experience, for results

We practice together for simple reasons: love of the law, respect for clients, and drive to do things right. So we pay attention to what our clients and courts know and need to know, what they expect, and how we can best leverage our capabilities for genuine service at the most reasonable cost.

We stand on the solid ground of our experience. When legal contest is inescapable, we give our all but we never pursue conflict for its own sake or for our bottom line. A commitment to achieving positive outcomes on an imperfect field of endeavor makes us responsible advisors to clients and courts but tough opponents to adversaries assuming they own the advantage.

Some firms aspire to become big. We strive to become more. More responsive. More efficient. More creative in helping you get where you need to go. Better at presenting clear advice in understandable terms. Better at listening, at analyzing, at generating momentum toward resolution.


Our services include
Appellate representation
Asset disposition
Assignment for the Benefit of Creditors
Business Bankruptcy
Chapter 11, Chapter 7
Chapter 15 cross-border
Corporate Governance Counsel
Creditors’ Rights
Debt Rescheduling
Debtor Guidance
Fee Examination
Fiduciary Representation
Forensic Fraud
Receivership: Federal, State, Courts of limited jurisdiction